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The best melon-pan and the evil jet-lag

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Hey guys,

so, after yesterday I thought the thing with the jet-lag would get better soon. Well, not quite.

Today we woke up at 6 am. Yeah, better than 4 am, but still. Now it’s 5 pm and we’re so tired… I am hoping this will be over soon.

After waking up we got ready without a haste and left the hostel at 8.I had seen on the internet, that there is a bakery here in Asakusa that is specialised on Melon-pan, japanese sweet bread. The bread has nothing ‘melon’ in it, but it has cuts on the surface so that the bread looks somewhat like a melon. The bakery is located in Asakusa just in front the Sensoji temple. If you pass the Kaminarimon and go straight towards the temple, just when you get to the second gate turn right and there it is. You can smell the freshly baked bread.

20140313 - Tokyo 041

The bakery where to eat melon-pan

We arrived at 8:30 just to notice, that the shop opened at 9… Somehow that reminded us of yesterday… :S While waiting I tried some kind of drink with strawberry (I think it was soy based), which was quite sweet but delicious. And I ate a sakura ‘mochi’ I bought yesterday. Turns out it wasn’t mochi but some kind of bakery filled with azuki bean paste (a sweet red bean paste) and a sakura (cherry blossom) on top. It was very good! The sakura tasted quite salty but strangely matched the sweetness of the rest. I will definitely try more sakura flavoured things.


I really don’t know what it was exactly but it tasted good :) (a little too sweet maybe)

20140313 - Tokyo 030

Sakura falvourd thingy with sweet azuki bean paste inside

But the wait was more than compensated! When we finally got our melon-pan everything was forgotten. :) It was super good, fluffy and airy. We also ordered some green tea zenzai. Zenzai is kind of a sweet soup with azuki beans and dango (chewy rice ball out of rice flour). The zenzai was also good, but the consistency of the dango was rather odd. It was very chewy.

20140313 - Tokyo 034

Freshly baked melon-pan

20140313 - Tokyo 039

Green tea zenzai

With a full belly we went around the temple area. I always wanted to try to draw a fortune at a temple, so I thought why not today :) At Buddhist temples you can draw fortunes by paying a little (at Sensoji 100 yen). Then you have to shake a metal box filled with sticks in order to get one out of the little hole. Each stick has a different number (in japanese). You then search for your number on the wall where many little drawers are. When you have found your drawer you can pull out your fortune. Be sure to return the stick to the box and proceed to read your fortune. There are good and bad fortunes alike. Mine was (of course) a bad one. But no problem. When you get a bad one you can tie the paper around a metal string (or in other temples also pine trees) so that the bad fortune stays there and doesn’t attach itself to you. ;) So I tied it up and now hope it will stay where it is. ^^ The fortune paper was written on english too (since it is a tourist place) but to be honest I didn’t quite understand it. It was more like a story than a fortune… But it said: bad fortune. So at least you will know if it’s good or bad.

20140313 - Tokyo 056

Oh I forgot, you have to shake the box politely!

20140313 - Tokyo 058

Found my drawer!

20140313 - Tokyo 059

Bad fortune :( (maybe I didn’t shake politely enough?)

20140313 - Tokyo 062

Hope the bad fortune stays there!

20140313 - Tokyo 074

On the tempel grounds

20140313 - Tokyo 078

Random kawaii picture of the day (a fugu (blowfish) restaurant on our way to the subway)

Then we decided to go to Akihabara by foot. But the weather today was pretty bad so we stopped at a Don Quijote soon to see what this store near our hostel had to offer (the one yesterday was at Shinjuku). After looking around sometime JJ ended up buying some kind of dried squid to try later… I think it looks really disgusting but you see dried squid everywhere here. We will see if JJ likes it. And if I will try… (I think not.)

Later on we decided to go to the nearest metro in order to get to Akihabara. Akihabara is like the Mecca for geeks. It has all kinds of electronic stuff and also many anime and manga themed stores. We just went around, bought a some ‘capsules’, little plastic eggs with goodies inside, which you get out of ‘capsule stations’ (like a little vending machine). Most of the capsules cost about 200 yen. There are all kinds of goods that can be inside. In each station there is a variety of themed goods, for example figures of an Anime show. Most of the capsules contain figurines or key chains.  I bought a ‘Attack on Titan’ key chain. I got the character Eren (the main character). It could have been either him or 4 other characters of the show.

In Akihabara there are also a lot of arcades. JJ tried to get something out of the claw machine but didn’t succeed. It’s just like everywhere else with these machines… It’s almost impossible. I wanted to take some purikura (japanese photo-booth pictures) so I forced JJ in one that didn’t seem to pinkish. In the end the pictures did turn out very pink and girly (just how I like them ^^). The thing about purikura is, that the machines autocratically enlarge your eyes and smooth your skin, so that, in the end you look a little bit like an alien… Even if you selected ‘normal’ sized eyes (or at least we guessed what it meant, the machine is only in japanese, but you can guess almost all of the meanings and click your way through. If you don’t click, the machine chooses for you. You can choose almost everything. The theme, the backgrounds, the eye size, how smooth your skin should look in the end, how the pictures will be printed (which picture should be biggest). What I love about purikura is that you can decorate your pictures after the shoot :)

For lunch we went to a fast-food chain of japanese curry. We each had a light curry with tonkatsu (breaded, deep fried pork). It was a little spicy, but delicious.

20140313 - Tokyo 080

After going around a bit in Akihabara we stayed at the Gundam Café. Mobile Suit Gundam is a famous series of Anime and the café serves all kinds of Gundam themed drinks and dishes. We had a ‘Haro Latte’ and a Calpis based drink. For Gundam fans this café is highly recommended. Also the girls toilet is Gundam themed and has a red button you can push if you dare ;) (nothing too serious happens after pushing :) But try it out yourself)

By then we were so exhausted that we decided to go back to our hostel. The jetlag really is killing us… But after a 15 min power-nap we feel a little better and hope we will be sleeping better tonight.

A thing you will notice in Japan is the toilets. The traditional japanese toilets are basically holes in the ground but nowadays there are more and more western style toilets. And not normal ones, but hightech ones. :) It often happens that I am in the toilet and wonder which button to push in order to flush. A hint: it’s almost every time at the back of the toilet, not on the panel beside it. In public toilets there is often another panel with a speaker. If you push this button some kind of noise will start to play (most of the times flushing sound). Japanese women often flushed the toilet while on the toilet in order to drown other noises. Of course that would waste a lot of water, so someone came up with the device.


Almost every western style toilet in Japan has these buttons (or more) to spray some water…


In public toilets you often find these to drown other noises with played flushing sounds or other melodies

So, that’s it for now. It’s still raining and pretty cold, so I don’t want to go outside, but we don’t have anything to eat (except Pocky and KitKat)… We will see.

Thank you for reading!



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