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Hey guys.

It’s been a long time :) But with all the wedding preparations and university it was difficult for me to keep posting… (And no, the wedding isn’t over, it’s in less than 2 weeks!! O.o)

This time I just wanted to show you my first ever home-made Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake)! :)
Ever since our return form Japan I’ve wanted to try to make some at home (since we also bought Okonomiyaki sauce in Tokyo and brought it back with us).
And tonight was the night ;)

I used the recipe from “Cooking with dog” on YouTube:

(I just noticed they also have a new version… But hey, the old version we tried was also delicious!)
Since I couldn’t find some of the ingredients we changed the recipe up a bit. So for example I left the Japanese mountain yam, the dried bonito flakes, the tenkatsu, the octopus, the pickled ginger, the anori, the pork and the Japanese mayo out.
You could ask: “Then what was left of the recipe?”, and well not too much. But only using cabbage, green onion, some mushrooms and shrimps as “filling” it turned out very delicious! So I can’t imagine what it would be like using more delicious ingredients! It would be epic! ;)
I love this recipe because you can make it your own! Experiment with it. I just did the basic version tonight to try it for the first time, but it’s really easy!

So finally I leave you with a picture of a slice of our Okonomiyaki:


If you are somewhat of a foodie like me please try this recipe!!! :)

Until next time,
Pia <3


Wedding Invitations DIY

Hello again :)

We finally managed to send out our invitation cards for the wedding (which will be in just 3 months).

Since we wanted to save a little money and I prefer home-made cards we decided to make our cards ourselves.
Since I’m not too creative I asked my mum and sister for help and they immediately had some great ideas. In the end we stuck with a design that they had found in some DIY book.

We designed the interior of the card on the computer. At the top of the card we put a drawing that a good friend of ours, Alex, had drawn and below our Email-address and telephone number so that people could contact us (to say if they were coming to the wedding or not).
The bottom was occupied by quite an amount of text. At first I thought you wouldn’t need to write so much, but it turned out I was wrong :)
You need to write some kind of text, that you’re going to marry and want the people there. You have to write where and when the wedding will be. Then you have to write if there is a hotel near and tell the people to please reply if they are coming. We also wrote a link to our wedding homepage that JJ wants to set up ^^

The exterior in the end looked like this:


our self-made wedding invitations. the texts says: “We’re going to marry”

If your interested this is how we did it.
You’ll need:

– B6 invitation cards (white) and envelopes
– embossed paper
– stamp and ink pad of the colour of your choice
– various thick papers with some kind of print in the colour of your choice
– scissors
– non-smearing pen (we had a silver one)
– motive puncher (heart shaped) (in various sizes)
– ribbon
– a puncher (for making holes into the hearts and the embossed paper)
– pencil
– ruler
– knife
– transparent parchment


some of the things you’ll need

First we printed the picture and the text into the interior of the cards, signed and wrote the names of the guests on each card.


inside our card. sorry for the grey squares. I didn’t now how to blur out the text otherwise haha :D

After that we began to cut out the hearts of the green papers and the transparent parchment and put two holes at the top each of them. (We had to make 40 invitations by the way… :D Quite some work, but I think it was worth it!)


mountains of hearts ;)

Next we cut the embossed paper in 6 cm thick stripes that would fit the card (measure your cards beforehand to know the length! And try out different thicknesses.)


cutting the embossed paper

Then we put the hearts on top of the embossed paper pieces to test where we wanted the hearts to be. We marked the holes we had to put into the embossed paper with a pencil and punched them out.
With a ribbon of the desired length we attached the hearts to the embossed paper and knotted the loose ends of the ribbon.


attaching the hearts to the embossed paper

Next we wrote our names on the transparent parchment hearts and glued the whole thing to the card (marking where it had to be on the card beforehand).


IMG_9947 gluing :) almost finished!

The last thing to do was to stamp the “We’re going to marry”.

IMG_9949 IMG_9950
And voilà, your finished!
(Sorry for the blurred pictures, I used my fathers camera and apparently didn’t now how to use it properly :))

It took us about 9 ours in total to do the exterior of the card… But I think it’s OK for 40 cards. :)
The cost was at approx. 100 € (50 € for the cards and envelopes and 50 € for the other materials we had to buy). Which would be 2,5 € per card. I consider it cheap, since cards that you buy in stores can cost you much more. But if you would only print your cards it obviously would be much cheaper. But I am very happy with the result and think that the effort and costs were definitely worth it! I also think it’s more personal to do the cards yourself.

I have thank my mother and my sister! Without them I wouldn’t have done it! They didn’t only pick out the design but they also did the cards together with me. <3

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions regarding the DIY ask in the comments, I’ll definitely reply!

Thank you!

Pia <3

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Planning a wedding – the unorthodox way!

Hello again!

Sooo, I recently (in May) got engaged! It was quite a surprise :D (a pleasant one of course!)
Even if we already had talked about marriage and stuff like that I didn’t expect a proposal any time soon, so when he got on his knee it was really unexpected! With ring and all! Oh gosh, remembering always makes my heart go faster. haha As some might imagine I was very excited and cried a lot! :P

After calming down a bit we started to talk about when we should get married. And why not in just a few months? I know, we’re crazy. Not only are we getting married in Winter (the end of November) (which a lot of people don’t seem to understand), but many people were questioning us why we seemed to rush.
Yes, we’ve already been together for almost 9 years, living together for 4 years, etc. So why marry so fast and (maybe) unprepared?

Well, the simple answer: WE WANT TO!

I know it’s difficult to understand, and I also would react that way if a friend of mine did the same thing as we’re doing now, but do you need a logical reason to marry someone you really really love and have been loving for quite some time? Of course we could have waited another year… COULD HAVE. But as I said: we want to do it NOW! I think maybe it’s because we already knew for a long time that we wanted to be married sometime. And, well why not now?

But getting married in November means we don’t have too much time to plan!
In the beginning I was overwhelmed by all the things you ‘should do’ when planning a wedding, according to many forums on the internet. But I learned that maybe, the writers of such blogs or posts are a little bit more exceeding and special when it is about their wedding.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t plan your wedding for more than a year and spent more than 10000 Euros. But it’s not what I need.

We started planning the wedding by thinking about things we want to have and rank their importance and estimate the cost of each point. And of course we thought of who we want to be at our wedding! (We will have max. 50 guests by the way, which is considered small, if you believe all the posts on the internet…)
For example: the venue and food is the most important thing for us (and we recently booked the venue with food and everything! Yay!), and we didn’t want to spent more than 75€ per person for that.
One thing that isn’t that important for us would be the photographer  (we have some family and friends we trust can take pictures that will turn out to be wonderful!). If in the end our budget (which would be at 6000€ max (but we might extend it a tad)) doesn’t allow us to book a professional we wont be too sad. :)

After that finding a venue, agreeing on a day and getting all the paperwork for the civil registry office (we only will get married by the register office) were priorities. And telling everyone we want to have at the wedding about the date and the area of where it will be. We achieved all of that! :) (which takes a huge burden of me)

Now, the next thing are the invitations, which I will be doing by myself these next few days (with huge help of my sister and mother). I might be posting a DIY about how to make our invitations, so stay tuned!

Casually, I will be looking for inspiration on the internet, for example for the decorations, little details, etc.
I found some cake toppers on etsy that looked as the main character of “My neighbour Totoro” which I really liked, unfortunately they were a bit expensive. So JJ suggested that we could make our cake toppers by ourselves. At first I thought he was crazy. But little by little I grew on the idea. :) Since really like the charakter Mokona Modoki from various mangas of the writers Clamp we decided to make our cake toppers look like the Mokonas. (Here is a link of a fan made picture of them ^^)


And I found a pretty good tutorial on how to make a little key chain Mokona out of polymer clay:

So we went to the store, bought us some “Professional Fimo” (and some non-professional, since professionals don’t seem to use pink ;)), two little balls out of Styrofoam (to form our Mokonas around it, since then we didn’t have to use so much of the clay and the figures would be lighter), some rhinestones to glue to their foreheads as their third eyes, pens to draw their little faces, a cute little hat for the groom, little flowers and some fabric to use as a veil for the bride.

And here is our first attempt:


Mokona wedding cake toppers :D

I’m pretty happy with it. By the way: I did the bride, JJ the groom :D So they look a bit different, but I really liked the idea of each of us doing their own. Nevertheless, JJ wants to do another set because he has some kind of special idea ;)

Yeah, that will be it for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading… If you have any advice for planning a wedding in little time please tell me! :D (I need all the help I can get!)
If your interested in reading about more of my clumsy planning tell me!

Thank you so much!

All the best,




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Last day in London :'(

Hey there!

To be honest I didn’t know if I should write about our last day in London, since we didn’t do much… But I’ll try to use this post to reflect a little bit on what were my favourite sites in London.

So on our last day, as I mentioned before, we didn’t have the Travel Card anymore so we just went around by foot a little bit.
Since our Hotel was at Russle Square (by the way, we stayed at the International Hall) we went to Covent Garden and China Town again and from there returned near Russle Square and stayed at a little Park where I actually fell asleep on the bench. :D And that was basically it. And I don’t have many pictures to show you either…


China Town again


a 007 bench :D

And I’m sorry to the one that commented on my last post… I just couldn’t find a “kawaii picture of the day”… ;P I’ll be sure to add one next time though!!! ^^

So, all in all I really enjoyed our stay in London! Even though it’s also Europe it still is different from Germany in some ways. Like the houses (which I find so beautiful!), the food (which I’m not too fond of… Sorry!) and the people. I noticed that London is a very diverse city in terms of people. And that’s a got thing, I think! :) That also means that there a many different cultures packed in one city which is fun to explore!

If I have to list some favourite places of mine, I’d say Camden Market, Primrose Hill and Greenwich. Although I think everywhere we went there was something beautiful and unique, so I definitely would recommend you to just go anywhere if your in London!

Of course there are also things I didn’t like too much (like the food :P)… London (as I think I mentioned somewhere) isn’t the cleanest of all cities I’ve been to… And London is definitely expensive (for our standards at least)! But London is worth a visit!!! :D

Thank you so much for reading my posts about London!

I wont be able to write that much in the near future, since I have an exam at the end of this month… But maybe I can write again after that… Only that I’m not going to go on holiday soon… But, if you’re interested, I could write a bit about me planning my wedding in only some months… ;) Yeah, I’m going to get married pretty soon! ^^ Please feel free to comment if you would like to read about my amateurish way of planning my wedding. :)

Take care!



Get waffled! :D

Hey there!

Sooo, it was our second to last day in London and the last day we had our Travel Card. So we wanted to get good use of the Card and decided to go around by bus a bit :)

Our first stop was a market we read about on the internet: Queens Crescent. It’s not the typical market many tourists go to and it wasn’t too big either, but we enjoyed it anyway. Since we didn’t have anything for breakfast we decided to go to a waffle stand we saw in the middle of the market and it turned out that the owner was also German! :D What a coincidence! He had been living in London for quite some time (like 10 years or so) and had this idea of opening a waffle stand since the English waffles (according to him) weren’t too good and he missed the German ones. :)
I have to say, the waffles were GOOOOD!!! Even in Germany I think I hadn’t had waffles that were that good. haha And the owner was really nice and helped us pick the toppings of our waffle since we were overwhelmed by all the choices. ^^


Queens Crescent


our waffle from Tried and Waffled!


our toppings from left to right: strawberry with yoghurt and cereal, some kind of nutella (he said it was the original one… I can’t remember the name, but it tasted fantastic!) and finally caramelized nuts with banana and dulce de leche


the market

If you want to try for yourselves the stand is called: tried and waffled!! Try it!!!

Next we decided to go by foot to Camden Market. This time we went to the “stables”, which is a little bit north of were we’d been the first time. And I have to say: it’s so cool!! I liked it even more than the Camden Market we saw the other day :) All the little shops in this labyrinth-like environment. I loved it!


Camden Market


Camden Market


Camden Market


Cyberdog… A rather… interesting shop. :D haha

We spent a good amount of time there and also decided to get lunch at one of the many stands there. JJ good some kind of Argentine Beef Burger and I got a Jerk Chicken Wrap. Both were sooo delicious! To drink we had some handmade lemonade. :)

Since we couldn’t get enough of the London Markets we got on the bus and went to Portobello Market! :D But to be sincere, we were a little tired by then… ;) We just went around the market a bit.


I want to live in one of those houses!


Portobello Road Market


Portobello Road Market

Since we really wanted to use our Travel Cards one last time we then went to Westminster again to see the Westminster Cathedral and the Westminster Abbey (both only from the outside… Sorry! ;))


Westminster Cathedral


Westminster Abbey

From there we got by food to St. Jame’s Park to rest a bit. The park is not very big, but beautiful. I loved the pelicans. :D


pelicans at St. Jame’s Park!


Swan and mini swans ;P




@ St. Jame’s Park

Finally, we bought some dinner at Tesco (supermarket) and ate it at Trafalgar Square. :)


Trafalgar Square

Tomorrow I will post the last blog post about our trip to London… :( It was over too soon!!



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Laid-back Friday

Hey there!

By Friday our feet just kept hurting, even if we weren’t walking that much, just because we had walked sooo much the last days… (Yeah, I know, we’re getting old :P)

So, this means: nothing much to blog about… Sorry!

We started the day by going to Covent Garden again, since I liked the atmosphere and the shops there.
We ate some delicious pie (with mashed potatoes… I have to say the combination is rather weird for me). And I bought a super cute little cupcake at a cupcake store.
There are so many cupcake shops in London, many more than I’ve ever seen in Germany….



near Covent Garden


It’s pie time!


kawaii!! And delicious :)

Since it started raining (for the first (and last) time since we were in London!) we went to the British Museum next.


the Rosetta Stone!

IMG_0001 IMG_9991

In the evening we decided to get some food to go from Itsu again and stay at our hotel room watching Fast and the Furious. :D

So it was quite a lazy day for us. But we needed it! :)

Thank you for reading!!

The best of wishes!


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A wicked Thursday ^^

Hellooooo! :)

So this day we took it quite slow and went to Brick Lane by bus, just looked around a bit and decided to eat at one of the hundred Indian restaurants. :D
There are so many Indian Restaurants on Brick Lane and every one of them has some kind of sign that says “Best Chef 20..” or “Winner of …”. It’s quite confusing… :D In the end we just picked randomly.


near Brick Lane

The food was good and cheap. So if you like Indian food go to Brick Lane.

Next we decided to go to the near by Tower of London. But we didn’t end up going in since we aren’t fans of looking at old jewelry and armature. ;) (No intention to be rude or something, it’s just not our thing!) Plus I heard that you stand on a treadmill that carrys you to the crown jewels…
But we took some beautiful pictures of the Tower, I think.


at our way from Brick Lane to the Tower of London


Tower of London

Since there is a bus that goes directly from the Tower of London to St. Paul’s Cathedral we went there too. Unfortunately the cathedral costs quite a bit so we decided not to go in…
I really think they shouldn’t charge at churches or other religious buildings (like temples or shrines in Japan too)… Or at least not that much!! I can understand that they might need the money in order to sustain the buildings. And I appreciate that. But 16 pounds (or something like that) is too much! At least there was a sign that people who come to pray don’t have to pay the fee… I think that’s not the case everywhere.


St. Paul’s Cathedral


St. Paul’s Cathedral

Since we were quite tired from these past days we decided to just go to Leicester Square and look for ‘cheap’ Musical tickets for the evening. :) There are many and more stores where you can buy discounted tickets. I recommend you to ask at as many shops as you can/want until you decide to buy the tickets, since the prices vary! We ended up buying tickets at the bigger store at Leicester Square Subway station. We got two tickets for Wicked that night for 55 pounds each, including dinner (2 courses) and seats right in the middle of the stalls.

The dinner was OK I guess (It was at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton), but we had to pay for drinks. And a bottle of water cost us 5 pounds! And I thought the food wasn’t really really good…. But JJ said he liked it, so maybe I was picky?

The musical was soooooooooo good!!! :) I really enjoyed it. The cast was amazing, the music, the stage design. Everything! I also bought the CD of the original cast in the US which stars Idina Menzel! I liked her ever since RENT (I watched the movie for the first time quite some time ago).

If you are into musicals or theatre definitely check out Leicester Square for tickets!






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